Corundum FPGA NIC Project

Corundum is an open-source FPGA-based NIC which features a high-performance datapath between multiple 10/25/50/100 Gigabit Ethernet ports and the PCIe link to the host CPU. Corundum has several unique architectural features: For example, transmit, receive, completion, and event queue states are stored efficiently in block RAM or ultra RAM, enabling support for thousands of individually-controllable queues.

MLE has made various contributions to the open source code basis of the Corundum FPGA NIC which all can be found at the Corundum project hosted on GitHub.

MLE also provides binary releases of the Corundum NIC for the following FPGA boards:

  • Alveo U280 from AMD/Xilinx
  • NPAC-Ketch from MLE (S10GX400)
  • Sidewinder-100 from Fidus Systems (ZU19EG)