ZU19SN — A High-Capacity Hyperconverged Networked Storage Node with Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ ZU19EG MPSoC


Missing Link Electronics (MLE) has partnered with Xilinx and Fidus Systems to address the growing needs in High-Performance Computing and Data Centers to explore “unconventional” data-flow oriented FPGA-based system architecture for acceleration, hyperconvergence, object storage and in-memory compute.

The outcome of this is ZU19SN - a high-capacity, hyperconverged, networked storage node with a Zynq UltraScale+ ZU19EG MPSoC. ZU19SN is based on the Sidewinder ZU19EG Storage Accelerator PCIe Card from Fidus Systems.



Please contact Fidus Systems directly for pricing and availability of the Sidewinder-100, and/or for customized solutions based on the Sidewinder-100.


Please contact Missing Link Electronics directly for Reference Design deliverables and/or Design Services supporting ZU19SN.

Reference Design - Concepts and Availablitly

The ZU19SN Reference Design will be released in multiple deliverables as follows:

  1. Deliverable ZU19SN_D1 - A Base Linux System (Available Now!)

    • PetaLinux 2016.4 with UART console
    • Boot from SD-Card or via network from TFTP server
    • SD-Card with rich Linux root filesystem
    • I2C sysfs interfacing for power & clock management
    • 1 GigE NIC (via RJ45 adapter) for system management port
    • Memory and ECC RAM tests and performance benchmarks

    Exemplary Overview of the Linux System Connectivity

  2. Deliverable ZU19SN_D2A - Fundamental Networking

    • 10/25/100 GigE MAC loopback for connection tests with external servers (Available Now!)

    Overview of the Network Connectivity Use-Case

  3. Deliverable ZU19SN_D2B - PCIe Functions

    • PCIe end-point design and drivers for x16 edge connect to host PC (Available Now!)

    Overview of the PCIe Endpoint Use-Case

  4. Deliverable ZU19SN_D-NPAP - Networked Storage Functions (Available Now!)

    • 10/25 GigE Network Protocol Accelerator and Netperf benchmarking
    • 10/25 GigE TCP Loopback

    Overview of the Accelerated Network Connectivity Use-Case

  5. Deliverable ZU19SN_D-NVME - Fundamental Storage

    • NVMe M.2 / SFF-8643 SSD accessible via Linux block devices (In Development)
    • Storage benchmarks (fio, dd) (In Development)

    Overview of the NVMe m2. SSD Use-Case

  6. Deliverable ZU19SN_D-KVS - Networked Storage Functions (In Planning)

    • Key-Value-Store / Memcached Accelerator
  7. Deliverable ZU19SN_D-ASX - Advanced Storage / Accelerator Functions (In Planning)

    • 10/25/50 GigE TCP and UDP loopback for connection tests with external servers
    • PCIe Switch design between x16 edge, x8 slot, m.2 SSD
    • SATA 6 Gbps Host connectivity, accessable via Linux block device
    • SAS 12 Gbps Host connectivity, accessable via Linux block device

Quickstart Guide

The Quickstart Guide walks you through the board bring-up and describes how to run the various deliverables of the ZU19SN Reference Design. Think of this as a collection of user guides.

Design Guides

The Design Guides go into the details of the various deliverables of the ZU19SN Reference Design, including on how to compile and build each design portion. Think of this as a collection of developer guides.


ZU19SN includes ingredients from 3 parties:

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