Mini, Midi, Big or Supersize – Motherboard Demo Solution for Proof of Concept (POC) Our Mission: If It Is Packets, We Make It Go Faster! And with packets we mean: Networking using TCP/UDP/IP over 10G/25G/50G/100G Ethernet PCI Express (PCIe), CXL, OpenCAPI Data storage using SATA, SAS, USB, NVMe Video image processing using HDMI, DisplayPort, SDI, FPD-III. Working on a proof of concept (POC) can be challenging, no time, no custom tailored hardware but you need to deliver an appealing demo. The solution seems simple: commercial off the shelf hardware (COTS). However sometimes the outcome is on the other side of the spectrum you are planning to go. As an example: How do you mount a Xilinx ZCU106, which is nearly a double height and full length PCIe card on a Motherboard? Easy, just buy one of the biggest PC enclosures you find commercially available: A custom made front panel for the ZCU106 outputs completes the image – and voilà there is your nice POC demo you don’t have to be afraid to put in front of your customer. *Hint: Maybe bring a sketch of the final size hardware to show the difference. In this case it will be smaller than the ZCU106 itself. Contact Us Reference [1] 🌐 MLE (Missing

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