Shift-Left Your FPGA Design Projects

Shift-Left Your FPGA Design Projects


FPGA Full System Stacks comprising off-the-shelf FPGA System-on-Modules (SoM) plus pre-validated FPGA IP Cores and subsystems can greatly accelerate the time-to-market of your FPGA design project. Advantages of FPGA Full System Stacks include:

  1. FPGA developers can rely on a tested and verified subsystem implementation. The concept of re-use increases design productivity while sharing the FPGA subsystem development costs and risks over many users.
  2. Pre-validated FPGA IP-Cores and subsystems make clever use of the different FPGA resources to realize a cost/performance optimized domain-specific architecture.
  3. Software is included in the form of kernel space device drivers, user-space programmer APIs, and sometimes even complete OS images, all nicely tuned for guaranteeing the overall system’s reliability and performance.

FPGA Full System Stacks from MLE are integrated with select FPGA SoMs from Trenz Electronics and are focused on applications such as:

  • Realiable, Low-Latency, High-Throughput Network Transports
  • High-Speed Data Acquisition
  • Augmented Stereo Computer Vision
  • High-Speed Data Record & Replay

We describe a design methodology using FPGA Full System Stacks and share our experiences from real customer designs.

High-Speed Data Acquisition Systems

High-Speed Data Acquisition Systems

Challenges and design choices to network FPGAs and servers for high-speed data acquisition or retrieval. We discuss TCP/IP as a very fast transport when using TCP/IP full accelerators, in the sensor-side FPGA and in the server. 


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